Maybe I’m a little old fashioned…

When I was still a student, more so than I am now, I was informed that servers were big mysterious things with near-deific powers that controlled the ebb and flow of a company, and that loosing or mismanaging such great monoliths of the company were indeed dire things…

Which is probably why I got so pissed off today.

I have three servers sitting in my cramped office. They were in another office entirely 30 minutes ago. We moved 3 near mission critical systems from an office to another office. However, this is, indeed, not the major cause of my concern.

The three servers, being the print server, the database / hr server, and a secondary financial server, are all connected to a multi-plug, which, in turn, are connected to an extention cable that’s plugged into a single plug behind my desk. Also on this multi-plug is the switch that connects all three servers to the main network.

Me? Annoyed? Whatever gave you that idea? The fact that we emailed the entire factory 45 minutes before moving the servers? The fact that we simply downed them with a shurg? The fact that they are connected to power via a freaking extention cable and a multiplug?

But hey! Why should I worry? I’m not the Network Administrator who is in charge of these servers! I’m just the lowly IT Techie… but I’ll probably have to fix it when it breaks.


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