Apple vs Intel Again…

Tim Beyers, on the news site The Motlety Fool posted an article about Apple and Intel and made some predictions. His three predictions essentially covered clone macs, cheaper macs and AMD macs.

He states that we shouldn’t expect Apple to be a direct competitor for Microsoft in the software department and quite rightly states that Apple is a device company and that software is more like an add on than their major push itself.

He goes on to say that Apples prime target are the likes of Dell and other major OEM producers. Which is quite amusing considering that I recently read that companies like Dell would be somwhat pleased by the use of Intel x86 processors in Apple as it gives them a marginal leverage against Microsoft. Each to their own opinion I guess.

Mr Beyers continues on to say that we shouldn’t expect to see Apple clones in the near future if ever, and I probably would have to agree with him, and it’s not that he’s being elitist, it’s more the fact that Steve Jobs has never been one to license out the Apple software, and it’s highly unlikely we will ever see Apple’s running on just any machine.

While it would be splendid to be able to purchase a Mac OS on a machine of your specification instead of a Windows operating system or one of the myriad of flavours of Linux, the prestige and near mythos that surrounds the Apple OS for any non-Apple addict would inherently be lost if it become “just another Linux OS”. Or Unix. Or whatever.

For one I would rather purchase an Apple OS than a Windows one. I would battle like mad for a while, but eventually I would grow to love it like all geeks grow to love something different in the computer industry, and yes, I do call the Apple OS different. It’s truly gorgeous, and it’s as stable as anything in this world.

As tot he AMD Apple Mac. Well. As a fan of AMD processors I would welcome the arrival of the Apple OS on an absolutely Intel stomping dual-core Athlon. To be utterly geeky: it would r0xx0r!

I do not, however, invision it happening. Not if any of the other speculation is true. Apple enjoy locking their software down to function perfectly with predifined sets of hardware. Changing it so that it runs on both and Intel and AMD platform would push the company more towards a software company than a device company as they would have to cover a far larger segment of the hardware industry.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.


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