Intel and Nokia

It looks like the boys at Intel have been busy.
Nokia and Intel are teaming up to work on 802.16e, the latest specification for WiMax. The idea is to be able to provide a format for high speed broadband to mobile users.
When you add that to Samsung’s 4GB telephone, and Windows Mobile and their push technology that they’re working into Exchange 2003 with Sp2, you begin to wonder about natural mp3 encoding, a bit of voice recognition software, and the ability to start a telephone call to your word processor so as to quickly voice up that urgent memo to the board of directors.
And you’re phone becomes your iPod, but that’s already happening. Speaking of which, I wonder if we’ll see an Apple Mobile Phone soon, iPod, Mac OS Mobile, on a Nokia with an Intel chipset? Hmmm….
heh heh heh…

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