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Well, what can I say about this rather remarkable movie? Set in pre-unified China, the story recounts the plot of an assasin known only as Nameless (Jet Li) in his quest to slay the emperor of the time. Via a series of flashbacks, the story unfolds as Nameless recounts his battles with Sky, Flying Snow and Broken Sword, three masterful assasins that have tried previously to slay the emperor.

As the emperor listens he begins to fathom his own interpretation of the events and then tells Nameless how he believes things unfolded. Between the two of them, they realise the truth of the Emperor’s quest in the unification of China into a single land, and Nameless realises that his terrible quest is nothing compared to what the Emperor strives to achieve.

The rather clever story is told with the visual aides of colour and sound in a manner that I have, quite honestly, never seen in a movie before. Without question this is the single most beautiful film I have ever seen.

Admittedly the wire work in the martial art scenes wasn’t done very well in some cases, but it detracts little with the absolutely stupifying visuals of the scenery and the imagery as created by the masterful director.

As the director said in the commentaries on the DVD, when you’ve forgotten what the story was about, some things will still linger – the colours, the forest and the lake.

This DVD is worth watching. Go and get it!



One comment

  1. StevieD · June 29, 2005

    Not a bad movie. The “Swan Lake” scene was a little overboard though.

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