Autistic Children: One Way Through (The Doucecroft School Approach)

Abbott’s Hall, the new Doucecroft SchoolMy housemate suggested that I

give this book a try and I must admit that it was a fantastic read. Ian

Ashton, the author and then headmaster of the school, has a wonderful

method of writing that makes the book easy to read, amusing, and very

informative. It is especially enlightening with regards to the

management and discipline of children, and the whole rigmarale of

positive and negative reinforcement.

What I especially apreciated about Mister Ashton’s book was that he

truly had a thing for helping these kids, and was not shy to admit

failures. After reading the book, I once more have profound respect for

those that selflessly give to children with difficulties, and apreciate

the difficulty of Autism all the more.

And here’s a link to more information about the school of Doucecroft.

Worth the read.


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