This is the kind of thing that annoys me!

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You know, the more things I read about American obesity, the more I have
to shake my head in disbelief. The article above goes on about how they
need to regulate the beverage companies, and how they need to place
warning labels on soda’s (y’know, things like Coke). It truly and
utterly baffles me.

Some of the warning labels suggested stated things like “drinking less
soda’s may help in reducing weight gain” and “drinking less soda’s may
help in preventing tooth decay.”

Here are some simple truths: you want to lose weight? First, make sure
that you are, in fact, over weight. Then watch you diet and exercise.
You want to prevent tooth decay? Brush your freaking teeth three times
daily, use a mouthwash and make use of dental floss!

It is because of articles like this that I am positive that the
American’s are moving further and further away from being responsible
adults, and seeking the opportunity to blame everything and anything on
someone else.

Bloody Americans…


One comment

  1. Anonymous · September 9, 2005

    America: the greatest nation in the world, home of geniuses who need to be told that drinking too much Coke is bad for you and that not brushing your teeth will make them rot. Common sense? What’s that? Apparently something they don’t have.

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