Conversvative Anarchy

Sometimes it just blows my mind. The Daily Rag here in EL has a story
about two individuals who tried to run from the cops. Seven police
vehicles chase them down, manage to fire out the back tire, after having
been fired upon, causing the vehicle to roll. The two suspects
(actually, they’re not suspects anymore, they were shooting at the
police), the two criminals, then try to run for it, one is run down by
an officer and arrested, the other gets to deal with the dog.

Good dog.

So the two are arrested, endangering other peoples lives, firing at the
police officers, which, last time I looked, is considered Attempted
Murder, brought to book – and promptly released by the Magistrate on R
1,500 bail.

What – The – Fuck?!

Sometimes the law in South Africa is a major concern when it seems to
protect the criminal more than the civillian.

Afterall, should it not have been a case of: two criminals, firing at
police, 7 police cruisers, lots of witnesses, speedy trial, throw in
jail and forget about it?

But then there’s all the – maybe it’s a conspiracy by the police to make
these two innocent civillians criminals in the eyes of society – it’s a
vendetta, mention apartheid, mention racisms, turn to the constitutional
court – what a load of bollocks.

This sucks.


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