Microsoft May Pull Windows Out of South Korea

Microsoft may decide to pull Windows from the South Korean Market
because of Anti-trust concerns. The European Union billed them almost
500 million euro’s because Windows has Media Player in it.

South Korea may order Microsoft to remove Media Player and Instant
Messenger from their software, becuase it makes it difficult for
competitors to… well… compete.

Is anyone else seeing dumbassedness in this?

Well hell, we can’t compete with Microsoft, so we’ll sue them instead.
Our product is technically superior, but is a pain in the but to use, so
instead of fixing the user interface, we’ll sue Microsoft. Microsoft has
so many people using Hotmail and MSIM so instead of trying to offer a
better product, and actively pursue new clients, we’ll sue Microsoft!


Let’s see, what’s on my PC. Microsoft Windows XP SP2… Windows Media
Player 10, WinAmp 5.11, DivX 6 Player, Quick Time and Flash… MSIM…
but not Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, QQ or any of the other instants… why?

Well let’s see – I have WinAmp because I prefer it as an mp3 player, I
have Windows Media Player 10 because, quite simply, it rocks, DivX for
the codecs, QuickTime because Apple peeps are stupid (;oP) and Flash for
the ‘net. I have MS IM because it is the one I use, not the first, not
the only, but the one that has endured – much like my hotmail address.

The fact of the matter is that Microsoft offers a good product in both
their Media player and especially in their Instant Messaging client. If
people want a different one, they can, normally, download one, for free,
off of the Internet. So why the hell are the other compnaies, that
‘compete’ against Microsoft having such a running fit over Microsoft?

Dumb. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that people like this are just
generally lazy and looking for an easy way out of everything. Maybe I
should complain and try to sue Microsoft because they include calculator
software in their Operating System? ‘Cause I’ve made a calculator in
Visual Basic before, only it doesn’t work so great, but obviously
Microsoft is hampering my ability to sell a calculator becuase it
includes it in it’s Operating System!

I smell fowl! ;o)


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