Learning and Programming

Sometimes I get the feeling that I try to do too many divergent things at the same time without properly focusing on the things that are important and required. In turn, I think, this leads me down the path of depression and uncertainty wherein I feel that my life is a balls up.

I’m trying to get my MCSE, which is taking forever, and I’ve only myself to blame. I have three exams left, having gotten my MCSA last month. I write the next two exams on Thursday and Friday the 1st and 2nd of December, and I’m undertaking the 70-217 and 70-214 exams.

70-217 should be straight forward. Having completed 70-216, 70-210, 70-215 and 70-218, Active Directories have been covered to some extent in all of them. Now, with 70-217, Implementing and Administrating Windows 2000 Direcotory Services, it takes the individuals aspects of each of the previous exams and begins to form a monolothic intelligence base. In otherwords – things are starting to make a little more sense.

The more I delve into this software thing, the more I realise that I’m a hardware guy, and that what I really want to do (and this is idiosynchratic) is programme web pages, write crap (like this), and game (roleplaying more than computers). Yet somewhere in all of this I need to add in a beautiful girlfriend who is heaven sent, two dogs, finding a house and way to pay for it, two cars (one for me and one for the other half) and various forms of retirement anuities in such that I can retire at a fair age. Hell, I’m only 13 months away form 30!

I digress, however, the other aspects of the MCSE are to complete exams 70-214 and 70-220 before undertaking one last exam (I forget the exact number now) next year in order to qualify for the MCSA / MCSE 2000 + SEC certification.

Thereafter, I think that I am going to have to start reading a technical manual every two weeks. This is highly doable, just very expensive, so if anyone knows of a method in which I can score some eBooks or the actual hardcovers at a relatively inexpensive price, let me know. Furthermore, if anyone is looking for an IT specialist, with MCSA, 7 years of experience and some programming knowledge and wants to pay me stupid amounts of money – I wouldn’t say no to that either 😉

So yeah, busy studying the MCSE 2000 + SEC cert. It’s taken long enough, but again, it’s my own fault. I should have completed the exams in 6 months like I originally planned, instead it’s now almost 3 years later and I’m still faffing with it. So, typical of me, the pressure is on. Two weeks to study for two exams and pass them – one of which is a complete unknown. Then it’s a months break to relax for Christmas before climinbing tooth and nail into my design exam.

I can’t wait to have this MCSE over and done with, I need to move onto better, bigger things. I need to get programming, I need to get designing, I need to get out of this willy-assed job of mine and do something meaningful and real – and worth the effort to earn big bucks.

Need to focus on the two exams up coming, and pass them first too I guess.

Well there’s a completely random blog about absolutely nothing but my own inner insecurities abotu exams and getting old. Guess I’m starting to feel the pangs of age and the defeat of not having accomplished anything worthwhile. Have to do something about that.

Maybe a Dream List like my house mate has wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.


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