Why not to Evangellion

So who here is into their Anime? And who has watched Evangelion? Who also thought it sucked loads of a** whipe?

Contrived to say the least, within the first 4 episodes you want to reach into the screen and struggle the little twit that they have as their protagonist. Eventually the show seems to gain momentem, but to actually fathom what seems to be going on in the series one needs to try and reach into meta-physical interpretation of the Dead Sea scrolls and the evolution of mankind.

Just when the series seems poised to become worth the investment of several hours, the last four episodes go completely of course and you end up sitting back with this disgusting taste in your mouth as the writers and directors of the series attempt to give you this mind boggling, mindset shattering revelation of what humanity is and how one should seek within oneself and come to realise our reasons for being… and all you can truly think is, well thank God that’s over!

So you then get the movies of the series.

I admit, I slept through the first movie. I don’t particularily blame the movie, although the disjointed introduction and rehashing of the series probably provided suffecient white noise to enduce slumber.

The second film started fantastically. In a phrase, everything had turned to shit for NERV. This, however, still failed to actually give me an idea of what the hell the absolute fascination that this series holds over people is.

The second movie is okay, you still want to kill the main character and one is quite upset when he is saved moments from having his brains decorating the back wall, but the writers and directors still manage to somehow go into something completely exostential which results in little more than gibberish, halucanogenic screen flashes garuanteed to bring an epileptic fit and eventually reaches a crescendo of mind vomit by the time the film ends.

And you’re still left with this wtf feeling and a complete sense of anger and annoyance that you’ve just wasted a good couple of hours wherein you could have been doing something more mentally stimulating and rewarding – like shaving your balls. With a blunt razor.


Evangellion, the series as well as the two movies score a vitrollic 1 out of 5 for everything. It sucks. The end.


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  1. Anonymous · November 23, 2005


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