Okay so I’m in a vitrolic mood and this was just yet another idiotic pronounciation of Parental Control that was so severely obviously lacking in previous times.

If ratings do not work, why in the seven hells would this?

CBC.ca Arts has revealed that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will all have parental control mechanisms in their upcoming gaming consoles. I presume that the parent would be able to set a certain level of tolerance on the unit, and then the unit would read from the disk the ranking of the game and would censor it as neccessary.

However, this still relies on the parent actually getting off of their rapidly expanding asses and doing something about it. Anyone ever note that it is really only the yanks in all their glory that really bitch and complain about these things, and it’s usually the yanks who have disregarded the warnings and responsibilities placed on them with the advent of parenthood, and then they’ve turned around and tried to blame someone, anyone, but themselves?

I don’t like yanks.

I don’t like irresponsible parents.

I don’t like the fact that this is such “groundbreaking” news that it warrants an addition to my news.


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