Apple and Intel


If you can get through the reporters terrible diatribe and sarcasm, he
points out a couple of interesting points. Windows Vista is coming, and
it’s going to need a monster to run it on. Apple Macintosh’s are going
to be using Intel chips. He missed a few things about the AMD processor
(namely that some ISO hak’s were available a while back to run on AMD),
and something else that he didn’t mention…

Geeks rule the planet – in odd ways 😉

I read an interesting article from ITWeb the other day (sorry, don’t
have the link anymore) wherein they postulated that it wouldn’t take
long for the geeks of the world to figure out some kind of overlay
software for the differences inwhich Mac OS and Windows access the BIOS
/ EFI systems of the new Intel Macintoshes. Which could theoretically
result in Windows running on the Mac Boxes.

But the author of the article did point out something – if you look at
Vista and MacOS together, they’re pretty similar, only the MacOS is
sleeker, smoother, and faster. Plus the MacOS also runs Windows software
via emulation. So why buy a fugly PC box when you could buy the Mac?
Couple that with PS3 being the gaming monster, and peeps moving away
from possible game playing on the PC at the current scale, and you
could, theoretically, have a problem with Windows not being so much
needed anymore.

I’ve heard prattle that Steve Jobs isn’t interested in selling the OS
seperately, as they aren’t a software company or some such, but I think
that the recent popularity of the iPod, desipite the authors comments,
could indeed put some leverage on the popularity of the Mac.

I’d have a Mac if it played games and worked like I want it to.

Oh, that’s right, it does work like I want it to. Now they just need to
fix the games thing.

Could the end of Microsoft as the OS monopoly be in sight.

No, not yet. But then again, sometimes things do strange things 😉

teh r0xx0rs!



  1. Anonymous · January 21, 2006

    What games are you looking for?

    The other subtle difference between Vista and MacOS is that Vista hasn’t shipped. It didn’t ship in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 is looking iffy.

  2. jebb_x · January 23, 2006

    I’m aware that there are a number of games that are supported on the MacOS, but the vast majority of them would require some form of emulation (for the time being).

    Vista appears, more and more, to be a shameless rip off of MacOS X

  3. PaCiFieR · January 24, 2006

    Windows has ALWAYS been a shameless rip-off of MacOS.

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