It is a Good Day to Die.

Ha-ho-kei… or something like that.

It’s Native American for “It is a good day to die.” Apparently for
Clarence Ray Allen it was. Afterall, that is what he stated he was going
to say when they injected him with a lethal injection. He’s been put to
death by the Californian State.

Death Sentences.

Are they good, are they evil? Personally, I support them. It’s not like
they sentence a man to death in California and then hang him the next
day. The average time on Death Row is 16 years (see the article:,0,4666085.story?coll=la-news-politics-supreme_court)
because they have to review the entire case, effectively trying the man
(or woman) twice. They make damned sure that the person is guilty.

This man killed someone, was already in prison for doing so, and then
master-minded the killing of three others, and had hoped that the guy he
paid $ 25,000 to would be able to take out 4 more witnesses as well.

But because he’s 76, blind, and suffering from Diabetes we should let
him live. Did I mention that two of his victims were 18 and 17? That’s
right, let the old codger live on in relative peace, while others have
their lives taken from them. What exactly do we need this guy for?

But is the death penalty right? Those that have died are dead – be they
victims of crime or the judicial system. They don’t care. It’s only
those of us who still live that need to deal with the ins and outs of
it. Do we want a cirminal, that has taken lives, to live in our society?
Do we give too much power to the criminal and turn the criminal into the

I have always been a supporter of those comitting crimes paying for
them. But how do you pay for taking away a loved one? A bread winner?
How do you pay for taking someones dignity, sense of security and
perhaps even sanity? How do you repay someone that you have raped,
scared, terrorised? You can’t. It’s as simple as that.

Criminals should be punished. Severely.

Have three levels of crime: minor crime, severe crime and capitol crime.

Minor crimes are the things that law abiding citizens sometimes do –
speed, drink and drive, disobey some basic laws. Severe Crime should be
crimes such as armed robbery, assault and the like, where recompensense
is somewhat plausable. Capitol Crimes are those crimes where someone
dies, someone is raped, or someone is otherwise harmed for life.

Severe Criminals should have their citizenship revoked for the period of
their incarceration.

Capitol Criminals? If we cannot slay them, if we cannot exile them, then
we should enslave them. It’s a harsh term, but criminals should have no
rights in the eyes of a citizen, they have worked to destroy our
country, and it is time that we as citizens stopped forgiving them and
trying to rehabilitate them – punish them, and do so severely. Make them
work, make them feel the pain of incarceration.

No-one should ever look forward to prison. Everyone should fear
comitting crime!

I’m babbling now – which means that I will need to review this and
change my mind on it at some later time.


Happy New Year.



  1. PaCiFieR · January 20, 2006

    Same thing with Tookie. He was executed in December ’05 if I recall. Even got himself a Nobel Prize for lit. Sure, this was after he killer 4 people and started the Crips gang some 20 years before.
    I think America waistes far to much time/money keeping them on Death Row for that long.

    Thats why I like China so much, the whole thing takes 5 days on average.

    Chinese folk. Efficient.

  2. jebb_x · January 23, 2006

    I can understand why the American States take so many precautions before they execute someone.

    Simply put, America is a litigation society. If they find, after executing the guilty party, that the party was not guilty, they’d have the hell sued out of them.

    I think this is the reason why it takes so long, they make doubly damned sure that they’re right.

    Do not take this to provide grounds that I believe that it should take ten to fifteen years. I would advocate such a period of doubled investigation to take no more than five years and a different investigation team should be used.–>

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