Gays and Lesbians!,,11069-1990992,00.html

So the Christian Right is up in arms again about homosexuality and
Golden Globes. The only kind of Golden Globes that I’m interested in are
boobs. Anyone that knows me knows that!

So why the big uproar? Seriously? They claim that the films that one
weren’t box office smashes. So? I don’t see Harry Potter winning massive
awards, yet it does consistently well at the box office. These awards
aren’t about box-office ticket sales, heck, can you imagine the crap
that would win then?

I’ve noted consistently that movies that tend to win awards are those
that are all drama-like and emotive and wishy washy. And if you’re
covering a taboo subject, then all the more power to you and your film.

Really, Christian Groups should keep their religious philosophies to
themselves. If someone is seeking religious enlightenment, then preach,
but do not try and force your thought-censorship on others. Freedom of
Choice, as given by the Christian God is exactly that – the right to
choose what you want to do, be it good or evil for your soul.

Whatever happened to “Judge not lest ye be judged thyselves?”



  1. PaCiFieR · January 20, 2006

    Dude. Its about Brokeback Mountain. A gay cowboy movie.

    I say hooray for all the hoopla regaring this. Hopefully no-one will dare to make another.

    Gay Cowboys, WTF. Jesus. John Wayne is rolling in his grave.

    Billy The Kid: “How ya doin?”
    Doc Holliday: “Well hey there yourself, is that a Peacemaker in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

    See, it just doesn’t work.

    A shame an a travesty that has turned a bygone era into a mockery.

  2. jebb_x · January 23, 2006

    You’re missing something there Pacifier, namely that they’re opposing any form of homosexuality in the movie theatres and that they are saying that films should win awards according to the box office takings.

    There’s a simple thing that this Christian group missed, and that most other people miss as well – it’s called choice.

    No one forces anyone to go and watch a movie, the movie is chosen by the individual, and, in some cases, by the group to which the individual has chosen to place alliegeances within.

    Further, it wasn’t only about Brokeback Mountain. There were several other films named by the group that won awards that had sexually “deviant” topics or sub-tones – lesbianism for one.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t be complaining if Brokeback Mountain had been about a trio of uber-hottie lesbian cowboys now would you 😉

    I wonder if I could get my better half to wear a stetson and chaps?

  3. PaCiFieR · January 24, 2006

    Now now now….lets not attack the lesbians. They are warm wonderful people and have unprecedented talent when it comes to the movie industry.

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