I’m getting tired of this…

(link: http://www.aljazeera.com/me.asp?service_ID=10574)

So Hammas has won a majority in the Palenstinian election eh? Wow.
That’s impressive.

So the people of Palestine want Hammas to govern them. Good for them,
that’s what Democracy’s all about really, the people chosing who will
rule them. Even if it is Hammas.

I can see this may lead to a whole new bout of posturing and refusals to
speak at the diplomacy table and so forth and so on. They really do need
to come up with a new way of figuring out how to resolve conflicts of
issue in the political toilet bowl that the Middle East has become.
Christ, they act like children.

Okay, so these guys want this land as theirs, but those guys also want
the same land. Surely there is a middle ground somewhere? Who originally
owned the land? Did anyone own the land? Was it taken by force? Why
won’t they release it? Or is this really just a whole bunch of idiotic
diplomacy based on religion?

I’m so sick and tired of reading all that’s bad in the world. Why do
fully grown adults chose to harm one-another? I would truly like to
speak to some of these “master minds” and try to figure out what it is
that drives them to hate so profoundly that flying jumbo jets filled
with innocent people into buildings filled with more innocent people is
such a good idea.

Most of the people dying in this international terrorism blitz bullshit
that’s happening now don’t even have a side, they’re just trying to see
tomorrow. I often feel as if the leaders of people forget that it is
people that they’re leading, not commodities. People.

A normal person does not wish harm on someone that they do not know.

How can a terrorist truly believe that his god wishes that they destroy
themselves and take as many people who do not know their god, or them,
with them?

At least the Christian’s believe in converting people. Apparently the
Islamic movements believe in killing everyone who doesn’t believe.

What the hell is the point? Maybe the best solution is just to ban
religion – period. Globally.


One comment

  1. PaCiFieR · January 26, 2006

    I’m thinking for once we may acctually agree on something. Ban religion outright.

    The Middle-East huh? Having experienced this little area through the eye’s of a camera lense for most of yesterday (no, it wasn’t a slow day either) I recon nuke ’em. Nuke the entire area. Israel, Iraq, Iran and if there is enough uranium left a small portion of the US.
    Left’s not be harsh on childern, their method of play is structured and civil, entirly unlike the folk of the middle-east who’s behaviour I cannot acctually equate to anything really. No words can do justice to the utter disgust I have for them.

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