Man Charged with Murder for Killing Assailant



Again, a South African Law that truly makes the coppers look like the
bad guys. A bit of retrospective suggests that the cops are just doing
their job, after all, there’s a law somewhere that says that the guy who
defended himself must be arrested and charged. The way I see it,
however, is that if the man truly is not guilty, he should sue for
damages, defamation and emotional duress spring to mind.

One of the things I like about our country is that it isn’t a litigation
society, but sometimes I feel that the government needs to be sued such
that they catch a wake-up.

Of course this little piece of news has started a whole new slew of
white-frightners posting on Laurence’s blog. How South Africa is run by
criminals, the constitution backs the criminal’s and so on.

I do agree that South Africa is too lenient on criminals, but I keep
hearing things about international human rights and such whispered on
the corners of my consciousness, and I wonder how much of it was planned
by the ANC government, and how much of it is a result of international

Quite possibly none of it, but perhaps some?

My views on criminality is one of patrionism. If you commit a crime, you
are chosing to betray your country. It’s as simple as that.

Mind you, I also believe that the government should be run like a
corporation. They’re there to make a profit and provide a service.

I think after this weekend I’ll spend some time detailing my thoughts
and send them over to Laurence and see what he says. He’ll probably call
me infantile, idiotic, delusional, mad, psychotic, demented and a whole
slough of interesting terms I haven’t been called for a while.

I look forward to it!


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