Some Genius



A moody mp3 player sounds like something that could be pretty cool, and
I wonder what the algorithms would be that are incorporated into the
little silicon brains that power these things? After all, if you’re at
the gym, your pulse is racing and your sweating blood, and the device
thinks that you’re under pressure and plays something calming, it could
really ruin your rythm.

Alternatively, provided that the mechanics are right, it might play
something even more up tempo and result in your really getting something
out of your exercise (aside from a blown ankle).

The new radio-activity senser is pretty cool, but I think that the
inflight early warning system is perhaps the best. A method for sending
out a silent alarm for when planes are hijacked? Awesome.

Terrorists are scum. Period.



  1. PaCiFieR · January 26, 2006

    “Terrorists are scum. Period.”

    Interesting statement.

    There are however two sides to the story.

    Those who are often heralded as the target of such acts, in most cases, are themselves to blame.

  2. jebb_x · January 27, 2006


    There si no excuse, whatsoever, for bombing civilians.

    If you have a problem with the way the country is run, take it out on the people that run the country – not joe asshole who is just trying to survive.

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