Ultra Violet (Violent?)

Ooh, ooh, ooh!

Milla Jovovich is staring in a new sci-fi beat’em’up! Wheeeee! Having
watched Resident Evil: apocolypse for the umpteenth time last night
while munching away on Steers Burgers, I must admit that I’m looking
forward to this one. especially since it’s by the same guy that did
Equilibrium, which was fantastic.

Christian Bale rocks. Watch American Psycho for a really f**ked up
character that he portrays.

Keep it tight!

(link: http://www.kungfucinema.com/2006/011401.htm)


One comment

  1. PaCiFieR · January 26, 2006

    As a side note Ultra Violent will be featuring more “Gun-Karta”. The style seen in Equilibrium, though totally amazing, was not true to the style the director wanted. UV will feature it as it “supposedly” should be.

    We waits.

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