Grand Theft Courts?

“Grand Theft Auto maker sued

The city of Los Angeles is suing the maker of the video game Grand Theft
Auto: San Andreas for hiding sex scenes in its computer code, reports
The Guardian.

The game, released in 2004, is one of a series in which the player takes
the role of a criminal who commits murder, deals in drugs and pimps
prostitutes in a virtual Los Angeles.

However, the game’s maker, Take-Two Interactive Software, may have
stepped over the line by embedding a game within a game called Hot
Coffee in which the characters have explicit sex under the control of
the player, who can alter position and viewpoint with a keyboard or



I don’t know why I even bother with this stupid f**king American’s
anymore. Why in the hell are they suing a game company for making a
game? The game carried a mature age restriction. So it’s got sex in it.
So what? Sex is better than violence, better than stealing and pushing
drugs. But, to the Los Angelese court system it’s too freaking bad and
thus they sue.

Blood yanks – won’t take responsibility for their own actions and always
have to blame or sue someone. This is ridiculous! It makes me bloody
livid when I read something like this. No wonder I despise the
American’s for their idiocy!


Mind you, I’m probably being unfair blaming American people in general.
I’m pretty sure that the bulk of American’s couldn’t give two hoots
about the Hot Coffee mod, afterall, it’s quite arbitary. Yes you get to
simulate sex. But hey, all partners appear to keep their clothes on. I
can think of a few other games where the object is to get laid and so on
which didn’t seem to cause quite such a storm.

Perhpas this is once more the case of a well connected lawyer or
politician looking to make some money and or score some browny points
for the “vigilant stance against immorality” or something equaly
idiotic. I often wonder what would happen if the courts took the time to
survey the people who actually played the game as to what they thought
of it, and also took into account that parents, ignoring the age
restriction on the game, bought it for kids, which is where this all
comes from anyway.

The thing about choice – you choose to do something, if it bites you in
the but, deal with it, it was your choice.

If you really feel that the game maker went out of their way to destroy
your mind with lurid depictions of sex, but the violent killing in the
streets, drug traffiking and so on are okay… well… then all I can
say is that you REALLY need to get laid more and deal with your personal

dammit. now i’m annoyed.


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