Windows PE

Now here’s a nice bit of tech, and it’s about time. Essentially Windows PE along with a Windows DS server will replace current RIS technology for the automated / unattended installations of Windows Vista.

Windows PE (Preinstall Environment) allows the IT professional to boot off of a CD, loading a virtual OS into the systems RAM and then replacing the Boot CD with another disk (with tools or drivers) that is required.

Added to the Windows DS Server and the PXE technology, the PE can examine the system to see if it meets the IT Departments requirements, backup the users documents to a network share, repartition the hard disk and then format it before deploying the required Windows image.

It’s pretty impressive and seems to be a lot better than RIS. Maybe there is something to this Windows Vista thing, I just hope I’m not old(er) and grey(er) by the time it comes out. Gah… it will also mean even MORE exams. Blech.


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