Hang on a Moment!

Okay so it’s budget time again and I was reading over at zaBlogger that there is R 55 Billion available for grants. This, I think is great. And then I read that this R 55 Billion is distributed to 11 million people. And I think that’s… hang on.

R 55,000,000,000 to 11,000,000 people = R 5,000 per person.

R 5,000 / 12 months = R 416 per person, per month for a quarter of the population.

Apparently this will increase to R 65 Billion (R 5,909 / R 492 per person per month) in the next speech. Hopefully as zaBlogger says.

The really scary thing, as far as I am concerned, is that this means that almost a quarter of South Africa’s populance are ill, disabled, or otherwise unable to work or generate an income. Crikey.

Someone tell me I’m missing something?!

(RSA population according to this link is around 46,500,000.)

Unemployment is: 26.7% of the economically active people (ref link) which would be about 4 million people.

So with 4 million people unemployed, about 12 million employed, that means that 29 million people in South Africa are “unemployable” because they are kids, too old, or disabled? wtf?


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