Galactic Civilisations II

Tech Dirt is running an article about Galactic Civilisations II by Stardock. The game doesn’t employ copy protection which is a surprise in the modern world of piracy and digital hijacking.

I think it’s great that they decided to trust the consumer and are making a success of the product. I wish some of the other producers of games would sit up and take notice.

Surely if all producers were to toss the copy protection and rather charge for the updates / additional features / support they could lower the cost of the product? How much does using something like StarForce cost anyway?


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  1. PaCiFieR · March 16, 2006

    Ah yes. This little topic has pretty much set the world on fire. Its had myself and Miktar go head-to-head as well as a few others……..

    /RANT ON

    Now GC2 is developed and published by Stardock, ie an indie outfit. (Bare in mind, Publishers slap on the protection not the dev’s) . Stardock is “sort of” trusting the consumer here by marketing the product at a target audience. Target audience NOT beining “16-year olds warez kids don’t play single-player strategy games at LAN parties”.

    Brad Wardell made a tiny little choice and let off protection. All of a sudden the IT Community herald him as the poster boy for the anti-copyright lobby. Utter kak. We all know what is killing the industry, Pirates and greedy publishers, While the dev’s sit in the back sucking on hind tit. Copy Protection has no impact. END.


    Besides….StarForce is in a bit of shit at the moment anyways……

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