RFID Passports

The US State Department has issued some draft RFID equipped passports to some of their diplomats. All in all it’s a big step, technically, because the encoding can apparently be hacked.

Y’know, privacy issues aside, and technical problems and all that, one can’t help but think what may be coming in the near future. Already there are companies that inject their employees with a harmless transmitter that allows them into secure sections of the building, and now there’s RFID fitted passports..

A bit of forward thinking and you can have the Orthodox Christians in a frenzy as the time of the Beast aproaches. Figure it thus:

At birth each living person is injected with a data-module that can be updated remotely and wirelessly. This module includes all the information about yourself that you could possible want, from medical conditions to driving licesnses, medical aid records, marriage certificates, gun licenses and banking details as well as acts as the pin (by proximity) for your bank cards, cellphones, car keys and so on.

Ergo, you walk up to the atm, touch it and withdraw your money. You walk up to your car, touch the door handle, the alarm, anti-hijacking and immobiliser disengage as does the lock, you climb into the car, touch the steering wheel and the engine starts.

You go to the shop, buy your groceries, check on your glasses, that pulls information from your data-module for authentication, your grocery list that’s on your computer at home and don’t forget to buy the milk. You go to the cashier where you swipe everything and then pass your hand over the identification device and you’re billed and leave.

You have an accident. The medics identify you via your implanted data-module and know that you have an alergy to penecillin.

You are kidnapped – the police can trace your location via the unique code emitted by your radio tag.

There are numerous privacy issues, and, as with all technology, there are ways around it, over it and through it.

But it could be seen as the mark of the beast – no data-module, no purchasing of goods.

South Africa has had the mark of the beast for ages – have you tried to do anything without an ID book lately?

Random thoughts – use it, don’t use it – whatever.



  1. PaCiFieR · March 16, 2006

    Great Idea. Only problem being that when I now get robbed I get a arm cut off instead of just loosing my wallet………………..

  2. jebb_x · March 16, 2006

    You’re thinking in the box 😉

    The simple resolution for that would be to implant the data-module either in the sternum, or in the cranium and configure it such that it runs of the bio-current generated by the body’s everyday function and adhere it to have a continuous relay with a secondary chip implanted by the heart which double checks that everything works right and are in the correct places.

    This does mean that if someone wanted to rob you of your data module that they would have to extract both modules, and keep them living while outside of your body. So they’d probably end up kidnapping you.

    A more likely scenario is that they will develop some kind of wireless device that can read the information from your chip and download it where they can then pick it apart, much like they can do now-a-days with credit card magnetic strips and cell phone SIM’s.

    Of course this is all speculation 😉

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