Of all people or groups, COSATU has actually gotten something right for a change. If you speak to any of the people that know me, no matter how vocally they may disavow that, will tell you that I have no love for COSATU and less love for trade unions, even if I do understand the need for employee protection.

COSATU do not really want the Gautrain and instead desire a bus system, which makes a hell of a lot more sense than an over-inflated, stupidly broken budgetted, train system that isn’t actually going to solve the congestion problems in Gauteng.

Why the government wishes to spend in the region of 20 billion Rand over three years for this project is beyond me. Surely they can provide a better solution than this? Better road infra-structure? What is the purpose of the Gautrain aside from being a white elephant, and an expensive one at that?

There’s that bitter taste again.


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