Say What?

Our esteemed and most revered president has stated that the government is not responsible for the billions of Rands lost by companies in the Western Cape and that those businesses should make claims from their Insurance companies to recoup their losses.

Anyone else feel that’s a bit… off?

If anything the government, that has been in rulership for the last 11 years, should have had the proper consultants with the right acumen to realise that with the near-explosive growth that the country has been experiencing that they would need to improve the power infra-structure of the country.

I think it was Wayne over at that first made that point. If the government is doing so well in certain sectors, how can they blatantly miss something as vital as energy provision? What does is say, further, when the president then essentially brushes it off? Recover it from the insurance companies so that they can raise their charges or go bankrupt?

Once again I am left with that bitter taste in my mouth where I feel as if the government has not taken full responsibility for a situation and actively sought a solution. Why has it taken so long to deliver a solution? Why has the government not realised the severity of the situation and placed it’s considerable power in line to resolve this situation immediatly?

Why am I having trouble spelling today?


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