Health MEC Sacked

So Bevan Goqwana has been sacked along with Andre de Wet. I don’t know much about Andre de Wet or Bevan Goqwana in all truth, but what wrangles the hell outta me is the fact that Goqwana has been running the health department since 1999… and it’s still in shambles.

The thing is, I have no problem with either of these gentlemen, if anything, I have a problem with the amount of time it took.

In my job I have a target agreement, certain aspects that I must reach within certain costs by a certain time. I am measured, quarterly, against these targets and am either rewarded or disciplined based on what the result is.

Surely these MEC’s and such have the same such targets? Why aren’t they measured quarterly? Why aren’t they acted upon when targets are not reached?

My mind goes along the lines of the apparently impossible:

Frere Hospital is in shambles – in 12 months, restore it and bring it up to operational effeciency, or increase exsisting effeciency by 100%.

The first thing that should happen should be an examination of the budget to ensure that there are suffecient funds to perform the tasks required. Experts (contractors) should be brought in to examine the building and recommend repairs, extensions, and maintenance. A quote should be given. If this takes more than 30 days you know that there is a major freaking problem.

Price should be measured against time and quality. It shouldn’t be a case of the cheapest getting the job, but rather the most reliable and reasonable, based on previous performances.

Staff – staff should be hired and fired based off of their performance over the preceeding twelve months. The thing is, in this country, it’s almost impossible to fire someone. That needs to change.

Hire people based off of their skill sets, training, education and passed performance – not on their skin colour or their previous disadvantages – that only leads to people who are underskilled being employed and generally they have a chip on their shoulder – or something! Some of the people in Frere are just not interested in helping the people there.

With the exception of medication, the Frere hospitals expenses should be entirely fixed. A set rate for a nurse, orderly, matron, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, security staff, pharmacy staff, doctors and surgeons, administrators, secrateries, information techie guys (‘n’ galls), maintenance staff and managers.

Figure the total, best performance costs and work from there.

Why this is such a cock up is beyond me. Is there not enough money? They didn’t spend the 100 million Rand given to them to fix the building, so it mustn’t be money – then is it just incompetance?

Why is it such a mission to run that ONE hospital? I think that when it comes to governance, ruthlessness is a requirement. One must remember that it is the citizen who pays for the hospital via there taxes and rates. Management needs to be ruthless, the health department ruthless with their management and the Minister the most such, accepting a zero tolerance for laziness, under-performance and so on.

If the ministers remembered that they work for the people and not the otherway around, maybe this would work better.

It’s the same with the police and practically every other department or institution in this damned town. They just do not seem interested in their positions. But that’s a rant for another time.


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