Iran, Nuclear Weapons and Stuff

So Iran has finally developed their nuclear enrichment process (see the Reuters UK article above). What does this mean?

Well, according to some of the American lobyists it means that they are now on their way to developing nuclear weapons, but that it will still take some years before they do so. Concerning, however, is that their current president is the same guy that said Israel should be wiped off the face of the planet.

The IAEA want them to cease and desist, the US wants to throw sanctions at them, and China, of all places, seems to be the only one that wants to keep diplomacy on the table.

Iran keeps saying that they only want to enrich the uranium for nuclear power purposes, although their methodology apparently leads to the development of nuclear weapons. Obviously America is concerned about this, as are most other westernised countries.

Why can’t people just sort their shit out?

Why does Iran want to develop nuclear power? If they have a good reason, let them. Why does Iran’s president want to wipe out Israel? Did Israel do something nasty to them? Or is it because they’re Jewish and Iran is Muslim?

I hope that it isn’t religious zealatory that is pushing this, even though deep down I know it is.


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