“Happy Birthday-ANC deputy president. It’s a shame that in your trial all State prosecutors are all former apartheid operatives. We are noting this one with greatest concerns. Indigenous South Africans must now be trained to handle these roles,” wrote Peter-Kenyan.

This comes from here.

Good… God…

I have watched the train-wreck that the Jacob Zuma Rape Trial has become, and I can only imagine what is going to happen with his corruption trial which is still to come. I’ve watched as people have sworn their loyalty to this man, who obsessively follow him, and the foolish comments that he has made.

Showering? Short dress? Zulu man’s responsibility?

I hope to whatever may be out there that when the next elections come up that this man is not elected. It may very well be a death knell for our beloved country.

Is he guilty? I don’t know.

Two things stand out in his statement that bother the hell out of me though: She wore a short skirt which sent him signals, and that as a Zulu man he couln’t leave a woman in a heightened state of arousal.

To me that says that Zuma felt he had an obligation to have intercourse with the woman.

It does not tell me that the woman wanted to have sex with him, and the bollucks about her wearing a skirt… what utter rubbish. A woman is allowed to wear whatever she feels like, provided it does not show the interesting bits, because that would be indecent exposure.

If a woman wants to wear a mini skirt with lacy g-string, a boob tube and high heels, yes, she may look a bt slutty, but she should be allowed to do so, without fear of being accused of wanting it should she be raped.

So does this mean that a man not wearing his shirt and wearing loose baggies wants to be sodomised?

Shit like this pisses me off.


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