The ANC lost the elections in Cape Town and via some political manuevering the DA came into power. Hellen Zille was then elected mayor. Ah, Democracy.

While I have that sinking feeling that come the floor crossing escapades the DA will lose control of the Cape Town Metropol, it annoys me how the flunkies of the ANC simply chose to ignore the fact that they do not own Cape Town.

And then this happens; Hellen Zille, the appointed DA Mayor of Cape Town is attacked by an angry mob of ANC supporters.

There’s the usual fallout of comments on Commentary, Fodder and so on, but I sit here and wonder if it will all come to anything. Zille has laid a charge of assault, which I think is a good thing, but it needs to be taken further than that.

Zille has started the process by laying the charge of assault. The police, at this point, must take the video evidence and arrest everyone that they can identify on the tape that can be seen committing a crime, specifically assault with the intent to do grevious bodily harm.

Witnesses must be cross questioned and the individuals who drew knives should be arrested and charged with possession of a deadly weapon with the intent to use.

The criminals, for that is what they are, should then be properly tried, and, if found guilty (there’s video evidence of some of it, so that shouldn’t be difficult, even for our apparently inept police services) and the criminals senteced to either community service or actual prison time, depending on the relavance of their participation.

Not following through with this only gives those who partake in such criminal acts a ticket of right to continue to do so. I won’t go into the remainder of the political arogance of the ANC members there as Laurence at does a perfectly fine job of it.

I had a chat with my friend Mook on GTalk about this. He eventually had to tell me to shut up as I began to suffer from typists verbal diaoreah and he couldn’t keep up with all the banter as he had things to do. But it did result in something interesting.

I’m progressively getting the intention to enter into politics here in lil’ ole EL. It’s like some burning sensation that constantly tells me to do something about it, but I do not even know where to start. As such, Mook and I have decided to do some research into low-cost housing and see what can be done.

We’re going to write a paper on it and submit it to someone, perhaps the University of Fort Hare (nee Rhodes) and the MEC of the province. Who knows. It’ll be interesting to see what can be done and what the budget is. I still do not understand why it costs millions, or at least hundreds of thousands of rands to build a single house.

Mind you, I also fail to see the reason that building a small, tiny car, ends up costing the man on the street tens of thousands of rands or more. Afterall, and entry level car costs R 70,000 which is more than most people earn in a year. It doesn’t surprise me, therefore, that so many people have to rely on non-existant public transport and then the private enterprise of the taxi-system, that some government idiots refer to as the public transport system.

When I then read in the local rag

that our own electorate has failed, once more, to spend their alocated budget I am left with this dumbfounded stunned incomprehension of what the hell our people are actually doing in the municipality.

What is the major problem people? Lack of staff? Lack of responsibility? Or simply a lack of the ability to govern and manage? Is it a case of people in key positions being placed there as thanks for support during the “time of struggle” and so on?

Listen idiots, the “time of the struggle”, and the “time of apartheid” and so on and so forth is over, that was more than ten years ago, get the hell over it and start worrying yourself with our country!

If you want to toady people, it may be a better idea to hire someone who can do their job and rather just pay your toadwort a hundred thousand bucks and forget about him or her. I’d rather pay a hundred clip to a toady and have someone who is effecient and profecient in their job than have some yutz who is only there because of the colour of his (her) skin and because they supported the right person in the election.

Focus on serving your people, not getting fat off of them.

Half a Billion Rand per year for the Eastern Cape. Do something with it people.



  1. moonflake · May 10, 2006

    ooh, a roleplayer in the eastern cape. And one with attitude. I feel a very strong need to plug: are ya comin’ down for DragonFire or SchpatCon? I’m writing a rip-roaring All Flesh Must Be Eaten module for DF (‘MZII: Mayan Zombies’, the sequel to my WW2-themed AFMBE ‘Mein Zombies’) and will be heavily organized in SchpatCon as usual, so I feel like i need to mention them at least πŸ™‚

    That aside, good blog. I shall be back, you can be sure.

  2. jebb_x · May 10, 2006

    Alas, no, I won’t be at DraonFire or SchpatCon I’m sorry to say. The last time I attended a roleplaying CON was back in the days of ELDAD’s and that was only once (around ’93, maybe ’94).

    I’d love to attend, but I think Schpat might tear me a new one for dropping him year before last with the lack of a DND module. My bad entirely.

    I recently managed to vomit out a module for Killashandra at UpCon, so maybe I’ll make amends to Schpat sometime and send him a module.

    Glad you enjoyed the blog πŸ™‚

    You’re is brilliant btw.

  3. moonflake · May 11, 2006

    that was you??? I’ll have you know we ended up getting some n00b to write the module at the last minute, and then schpat and i ended up having to rewrite that module anyway. you’re lucky i don’t tear you a new one…

    Seriously tho, no hard feelings πŸ™‚ It turned out to be a pretty good Con in the end… but not as good as this year’s gonna be! Which reminds me, if i don’t get started on the art soon so we can get posters out, schpat’s gonna tear me a new one…

  4. jebb_x · May 15, 2006


    heh heh,

    Again, I do apologise, and maybe next year I’ll write a better module, and maybe even write one for SchpatCon and even come to it.

    I plan moving to PTA at the beggining of next year, so we’ll see what happens I guess.

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