I like this guy!

Utter brilliance.

That’s what I think that shirt is, utter and sheer brilliance.

As some who know this blog and know me personally, I do not particularily like religion as I find that it is the worst form of subjugation on the planet, and while it is a person’s right to submit to subjugation if they choose so, I despise the enforcement of religion on some human’s throughout the world by their governments.

When an utterly ridiculous religion such as Scientology surfaces and is made popular by the mad midget, I must appluad the ballas of this guy. Scientology is Gay, Very Gay – gotta love it.

The fact that Jenna Elfman then goes ballistic, and that her beau considered violence, even for a moment, as a possible solution to the dergoatory effects of this t-shirt only goes on to show that they’re human, just like this guy – and that they disagree. If their religion was perfect, they wouldn’t have to resort to violence. If their gods existed, they wouldn’t have to care very much about what someone else was wearing – they’d be secure in their faith.

Religion. My fiance asked me about my thoughts on sex before marrige with regards to the bible. Needless to say this means that I’m going to have to re-read the bible and find out what it says. I know that in Exodus and one or two of the other books they mutter on about cleanliness and such, and that defiling a virgin of Israel is utterly wrong and abhorent and that if a virgin in town is raped she should be stoned because she didn’t call for help… but hell… anyone who actually uses the bible to generate laws is firing on about three pistons to short of their two-stroke.

In other news, I’ve been having a rather one sided conversation with Jag from the pcperfect.co.za forums (he’s been doing all the talking, my brain is currently dysfunctional) about our government. Expect a post at some stage this week about the inadequecies of our forlorn government and about job creation. Naturally there’ll be a vitrolic about unions from my side…




  1. Anonymous · June 20, 2006

    Fiance? Hmm, pitty 😉

  2. jebb_x · June 20, 2006

    It always scares me when there are anonymous posts that hint at something like that.

    Do I have a stalker :p

    Nah, probably not heh heh 😉

  3. Anonymous · June 20, 2006

    Maybe you are interested 😉

  4. jebb_x · June 20, 2006

    Sorry – not interested.

  5. Anonymous · June 20, 2006

    I’m more interesting than your fiance sounds 😉
    Some-one should tell her it’s 2006, shame poor boy, she’s making you wait until you are married to have sex!

  6. moonflake · June 20, 2006

    saying scientology is gay is an offense to gay people. I have met many pleasant, sane, intelligent gay people. Scientologists are none of these things.

    Nevertheless, the shirt is pretty damn funny. We should buy one for Katie, although i hear Tom’s not letting her out the house these days…

  7. moonflake · June 20, 2006

    i have to add my 2c – how interesting can someone really be, if they can’t spell ‘pity’?

  8. jebb_x · June 20, 2006

    You’re right Moonflake, saying Scientology is Gay is actually an insult to Gay people, maybe it should be Ghey then…

    I’ll be responding to our anonymous admirer later this week with a post about the comment that they made there.

  9. Crazy Bunny · June 21, 2006


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