Spellforce 2

Oooh, according to several reviews, even oven on joystiq, this game is supposed to be quite good.

I’ve often been a detracter from games like this and Hero’s of Might and Magic, but these latest versions are being critically acclaimed, and having looked and played a bit of HoMM5, I think I need to rethink my stance and give them a bit of a bash.

Take 2 has this one on for about R 270 without delivery. I wonder how much it is going to suck, or rock… or if it will go the same way as most of the games that I play and after about 30 days be sitting in limbo somwhere…

I need to focus more πŸ˜‰


One comment

  1. Wyrd · August 1, 2006

    it sucked. pretty badly. good thing that comments are hidden per default otherwise i would have spoiled an optimistic post

    homm5 was excellent though

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