This rather strange looking device on the left here managed to get 3,145 miles (5,032km) on, get this, 1 (that’s one) gallong of fuel (3.79 litres).

That’s around 70 mililitres of petrol per 100 kilometres. Which means, that your R 6.28 or whatever petrol is per litre at the moment, would get you about 1,327 kilometres….. schweet.

So now the question I have is why aren’t the fuel strapped nations spending billions of dollars on getting this from a concept into a reality?

After all, even if the change in specifications resulted in the vehicle getting a far poorer performance, say, one hundred kilometres per litre, wouldn’t it be a vast improvement on current standards?

I wonder how fast that 54cc engine goes…

Here’s more informatioon on the competition here: Supermilage


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