MySpace Sued

Okay so this is rather old news by the long and the short of it, but honestly, what the hell are the mother and daughter hoping to get out of this? The kid was raped, that’s truly abohrent and frankly the rapist should have his nuts cut off.

The thing is, how on earth is this MySpace’s fault? They’re suing because MySpace doesn’t verify the user details. The site requires that the users of it be 14 years or older. So if a 13 year old signs up, pretending to be a 14 year old, who’s fault is that? How exactly should the site ensure that the 13 year old is really a 14 year old? Ask for an ID number? Social Security? Oh, right, American’s don’t have ID numbers, and I don’t think a 13 year old, or a 14 year old, will have a Social Security number. So how do they confirm it then?

Ask them to pitch up at the offices with a birth certificate?

Americans. The fact that the 14 year old was raped is truly terrible. It’s a disgusting crime that deserves the harshest of punishments.

The thing is, there’s probably a lot that the parent should have done. Better educated the kid to the risks of meeting people online and then in real-life – alone – for the first time. Teaching the kid more about the worse side of life and teaching the kid to have better judgement is a start. The kid is going to make mistakes, of that there is no doubt. The better you educate your child however, the better the chances of the kid surviving.

Not much more to say, I guess. Can’t blame MySpace as far as I am concerned. People need to accept responsibility for their actions.



  1. moonflake · June 27, 2006

    and if the site did ask for a social security number, people would be suing over their right to privacy. All a site has to do to cover its ass legally is have a checkbox saying ‘I am over 18’. If they did, the parents don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

    if you ask me, in cases like this it’s the parents who should be sued – it’s their neglect as parents that’s really the cause of their child’s misfortune.

  2. jebb_x · June 28, 2006

    In a virtual update, the guy who committed the crime is now also suing MySpace saying that he should have been protected by their policies and should not have had contact with such a young lass… or something equally daft.

    THIS is the reason I don’t like American’s. They do not accept responsibility for their actions – it’s always someone else to blame.

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