AMD to buy ATI

Some time back this whopper hit the headlines and both companies essentially gave a public triade which equated to “No Comment”. Nothing happened for a couple of months and the story eventually got relegated to the rumourmill stack in the back and the door was closed.

Only Ars Technica is now reporting that the AMD board of directors has okayed the deal, and that ATI might also do so, resulting in the acquisition being completed by 4th Quarter 2006. All the technophiles out there are either groaning inwardly or having happy happy dance dance revolutions at this news.

AMD has always been an nVidia partner. All the people who love nVidia hate ATI, and usually cherish our buddy the underdog – AMD. Now that AMD is buying out ATI, what does it mean for the relationship with nVidia, and does this mean we’re about to get some serious AMD Gaming Rigs?

Personally I’m happy with the idea of AMD buying ATI. I don’t like Intel. Anything that gives more power to my boys from Advanced Micro Devices is a good thing as far as I am concerned. Can’t wait to see if this happens. Wouldn’t it be interesting if AMD and nVidia then announce an amulgamation or something… hmmmm?

One can dream of an AMD/ATI/Nvidia Gaming rig right?


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