Superman Returns

On Wednesday my housemates, my fiance, and I went to the Hemmingways Casino to watch Superman Returns at the Nu Metro cinema’s there. The evening was one of both enjoyment and constant annoyance, as well as the realisation that I also fall into the category of South African’s who love to complain, but do not really do anything about it.

My first clue that something was amiss was in the purchasing of the tickets. A simply printed out piece of paper had been placed on top of the ticket printer stating that the second reel for Superman had been scratched and that a thin green line would appear for about 20 minutes that would annoy sensitive viewers (they used the word annoy). Not considering myself to be a sensitive viewer, I spoke to my housemates and fiance, confirmed that they didn’t mind and purchased the tickets. Wunderbar.

The second clue was getting into the cinema itself. After spending R 45 on two medium popcorns, a water, a 650ml coke and a packet of winegums, we entered into the 2nd Cinema. Where the background music was either trying something trancy-vibey-electronica or was trying to play from a medium that was scratched to hell. While Mook was convinced that the track was purposefully made to sound like a stuttering idiot, the remainder of the group decided that it was a scratched disk. We didn’t do anything about it but complain to each other.

Finally the lights dimmed and the trailers came on, with defeaning music and yellow and green lines. Sigh. It appeared that not only the second reel of Superman was scratched but the trailers reel as well. Eventually that passed and the movie came on. Throughout the film there were lines, the sound was defeaning and about midway the movie just stopped, the lights came on, some people left and didn’t return, and then the film started again. Seemingly at a random spot.

Despite all this, I enjoyed the film. Mook, Az, and CB hated it, but I enjoyed it.

Ultimately I felt that justice had been done to the franchise, I think the actor that they got for Superman did a fantastic job, and I feel the imagery was suitable “superhero-ey” to coin a phrase.

(Spoiler Alert)

While Mook and Az felt that the biggest complaint that they had with the movie was the fact that Superman now has a son. I didn’t mind at all, it was kind of fitting and I thought it added to the story rather well. While I know that it would be theoretically impossible for Superman to have a child with a mere human, I don’t mind the bending of the rules in this case.

(End of Spoiler)

All in all I thought the film great. Brandon Routh is a fantastic filler for Christopher Reeves. While there were some scenes that I thought were a little Christ-like, I can understand the references as a Superman would be considered god-like to us mere mortals.

As Superman says, “You say the world doesn’t need a saviour, all I can hear is them crying out for one.” (And I’m sure that I misquoted that)

Superman Returns (IMBD)


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