I defend myself, and my country

Recently I have been seeing esculating comments of idiocy on several of the more prominent (in my opinion) South African blogs. Reading international news has become a chore, and the entire world that I live in seems to be further and further encompassing a seeming state of ignorant bliss while the world descends into chaos, misery and madness. Yet our politicians, whom we have selected into office, continue to down play this madness and seemingly choose to look the other way while our world dies.

Reading on It’s Almost Supernatural about the condemnation of Israel, on Moonflake about harmed animals, I was struck by the thought that we have perhaps become too tolerant. Think about it carefully. You are attacked, be it you as a person, city, country, nation, people, whatever; how do you react? Some would say show tolerance, maturity, acceptance. I say bugger that – beat the bejezuz out the other guy.

Think about this: muggers attack innocent people, the police have issued statements saying do not retaliate, you may be harmed. The thing is you will probably be harmed anyway – for fuck sakes, they tell rape victims to not fight back as it may excite your attacker – accept the fact that you are going to be raped and deal with it. I say fight with every single scrap of strength and violence you have in your body, go for the eyes, the throat, the testicles, leave scars; being raped is going to leave scars on your psyche for the rest of your life.

Someone wants your wallet? Give it to him? It’s not worth being harmed over right? Roll over and get kicked while you’re down. We as a society in South Africa have become way to freakign tolerant of crime. Kick, scream, tear, rend, be fucking viscious. Make criminals know that we have had enough and tear them a new one. Your government certainly isn’t doing so.

One of the things that really annoyed me was the recreation of the march of woman to the Union Buildings as a show of solidarity amongst woman and there statement you strike a woman you strike a rock. This isn’t going to make any me and firends, but if you strike a woman you strike a human being, not a rock. Most women will not do anything about it – and there is where the problem lies.

I realise that striking back will result, more than likely, in worse wounds, but at least you’re standing up for yourself and saying that you are not weak, that you will not simply take what is given to you and whimper away into the corner, that you will stand up against the violence of your partner and give it as good as you are going to get it. I’ve never understood why a beaten woman stays with her abusive partner. LEAVE! For god(s)’ sake.

Yeah you might say that I’m a bit miffed at the moment, which is why this post probably isn’t making all that much sense. I’m rambling on giving suggestion that will result in the defender being harmed more than would be had they simply rolled over and taken it. Yet I cannot feel within myself that this is the right choice to make when it comes to crimes, no matter what the crime is.

My viewpoint on life, I imagine, is skewed. I’m of the opinion, maybe wrongly so, that if you are attacked, you have the right to beat the shit out of the other person. You are defending your life, nothing is more precious than that, you are defending the father or mother of your children, the bread winner. What happens if you quietly hand over your wallet and they shoot you anyway? What happens if you let the man rape you and he doesn’t use a condom, what happens if you just hand over your possessions and do not fight back? You create a criminal who knows that crime, in this country, pays.

You are attacked? Aim for where it hurts: in a man, go for the eyes, throat and testicles, also aim for the inside of the knee and the instep of the foot. Can you smell alcohol on his breath? Aim for the lower abdomen, slightly above the genitals, that’s where his full bladder is. If a man wants to rape you, destroy his testicles, get a handful, hold on tight, never let go, twist, pull, crush. Fight back dammit.

Let’s ramble on about Israel now, since I’ve dug this hole as it is. Hezbollah commits an act of war against Israel by tunneling into an army base and kidnapping an Israelie soldier. Israel responds by sending in air strikes and starting an offensive and the world condems… Israel. WTF?!

As far as I am concerned Israel should adopt the stance (as put together succintly by Mook): for each petrol bomb you throw at us, we will destroy a city block.

An exaggerated response? Unreasonable? You bet – but that should be the lesson. If you throw a stone at us, we will drop a mountain on you.

The people in South Africa should not support a government that supports criminals. The people of Israel should support a government that responds with force, and the people of the world should not support their governments that tollerate a terrorist country.

Fuck ’em.

p.s. I apologise for this post as it is offensive. But here’s the thing, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. That’s called choice.


One comment

  1. thevalentineyeti · November 10, 2008

    Just a question… throw a rock at us, and we will drop a mountain on you.

    How about… fly a place or two into a building and we will bomb the crao out of where we THINK you are?

    There has to be a limit, and there has to be accountability.

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