The Return

Okay so I haven’t updated this thing in ages, and that’s a really piss poor effort on my part. I’ll start making regular updates from this point on, as things at work are starting to normalise.

I’ve been put in charge of the IT department and there have been a few more than just a little snags. Had some rather major hardware failures in my server room, and there are lingering nigglies that need sorting out – the only way to sort them out is on Sunday’s when the factory isn’t producing, which sucks majorly.

Crazy Bunny has glandular fever which sucks major assage, Mook has left the premises and is now a resident behind the boerewors curtain lurking somewhere in Sunninghill and pretending to programme (Go Mook!), Azrael has packed his bags and is prepping to go screaming into PTA at the end of the week, which leaves me and Crazy Bunny pretty much by ourselves in a huge house for the remainder of September and then October.

Which reminds me, I need to give notice on that place. Bugger.

Being put in charge has also meant getting to play with some new toys, the best of which has been the VPN and the MTN HSDPA card, even though I’m only getting GRPS/EDGE connectivity in little ole E.L. Strangely enough additional connectivity should mean more posts as I am no longer limited to the work area, but that hasn’t happened any… double bugger.

It’s also the reason the peep over at RPG.Co.Za must be wanting my dangly bits by now as I STILL haven’t posted the last combat for the first round of Arena de Morte! Fsck! Need to fix that shyte too. Tripple Buggery.

So much stuff to friggin do, and less than 56 days until I tie the knot.

More buggery than your average gay bar. Shyte.

Need to pull self towards self and start getting things fixed.

That will be all.


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