I r da married

I must admit that I have never been happier than I currently am. There’s a lot wrong in my life at the moment, massive loss of faith and enjoyment of my job, a constant groaning inside my head about the state of the world and my country, and immeasurable dissatisfaction with the progress in my life – yet I could not be happier.

I was calm and collected on the Friday night, the 27th of October 2006. Cool as in cucumber. My bestman was doing more stressing that I was, worrying wordlessly over his printed out, cut out, labelled and highlighted best-man’s speech. The D man was corpulant as ever and languishing on the couch, Mike H having also come on over while we watched the ending of Ninja Scrolls, the 10th Anniversary Edition – a gift to Scotty for being my man.

Sleep came easily when I ventured off to bed, and everything was sorted. I rose early, and got a message from Chris that they were going to be late. They would continue to be late and only just barely make it to the wedding on time. Still, I was solid. Rock freaking-solid.

We made our journey to the Church, my direct family having arrived about an hour early. So we filled the car with petrol and Scott and I drove around wasting time before returning to the Church to be let in by the priest. Still solid as the mountain.

As the time ticked dangerously close to the time of reckoning, I began to fidget. Then sweat. Then, outright panic. What the hell was I doing? Could I afford to keep this woman? Could I be the man I needed to be for her? Why wasn’t she here yet? What if this didn’t work out? What if I let her down? Was I worth the risk to her? Would I be strong enough to be the man she deserved?

By 09h10 I was a nervous wreck. By 09h15 I could barely remember my own name. And then there she was, resplendent and glorious, beautiful and more than I ever deserved. How could this beautiful woman came to love me?

I can only assume she’s mad – about me that is πŸ˜‰

I got married to a woman that I do not deserve – she’s far more than I deserve. To my Crazy Bunny – I love you! Mwah!


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