I’m trying to start the burning in my mind again, the one that makes me write a lot. I haven’t written anything decent in ages. I need to get it going again. I figured since my current roleplaying is very much an arbitary thing, I had better start organising myself for the roleplaying that I will be doing in Pretoria when I get there next year.

Of all the things that I have planned, it looks like the move to Pretoria is the one that is going to happen no matter what happens down here. Here’s hoping!

My first order of business for the roleplaying that I intend to do up country is to get the gaming world that we will be playing in laid out properly. To those of you that wander idly passed this blog and have no idea what I am talking about, I’m a roleplayer; one of those idjits that sit around a table rolling dice, paging through rules manuals, moving little figurines around imagining that we’re elves (or in this case a 26 year old human male druid).

So the campaign world that I am in the process of refining has been used by myself and my group for years, slightly more than a decade in fact. You’d think I’d have more to work from. truth be told, I have reams of paper shoved into files and so on, but reading over it I can see how my maturity as a player, as a game master and as a designer / writer has changed. Some of the things that I look over now that I wrote a year ago are terrible! Some of the things that I wrote ten years ago are even worse – but there is an idea therein which still smolders with creativity and that lingering spark is what keeps me attached to this world, and makes me want to write more about it.

Things will change. They always do. This will be a learning curve for me, it always is. I need to write, and I need to figure out what exactly it is that I want to give to my players when I start playing. By the sound of it, half of my previous group, that now resides in Pretoria, wants to be a part of this group. So I already have three player’s. I also know that there are two or three people up there, whom I have never met, or only met briefly, that are also adamant to be in the group – so I’m looking at a group of 4-6 players – and I haven’t even started advertising the game yet. Joy.

The few chats I’ve had about this with Scott have revealed some of the idea’s that I want may work. He also seems interested and somewhat keen on my introductory adventure and the tone that I want the game to have – horror / suspense / thriller / adventure and then a little bit of world saving in the long run. He has also liked some of the name changes that I’ve bounced off of him. So that’s also a good thing. I will need to find out if this WordPress thing will allow me to put up single pages that link to other pages on the site without having all the links display in the top header, but whatever, that’s not what I’m on about at the moment. Dammit – that’s me rambling again on tangents.

Originally, some years back, I came up with this land called Deraen. It was a tiny island that we played on. After a world cataclysmic event (to Deraen) the players moved south west and crashed into the land of Pyran. Around about the same time, a friend of mine was developing his own world called Kubuldar and I was playing a bard called Jebb (yes, that is where the moniker comes from). Well, after some time, he stopped developing that land and I amalgamated it into Pyran, creating the continent of Aetholyn. And thus was born the game world wherein we would spend the next ten years or so.

Well, it looks like it is time to start the Aetholyn, Second Land, re-write. The land has become stale and doesn’t work properly. There are things that just do not gel. Problems with the way that the land is run, the size of the lands, the relationships with its neighbours and the list continues. It needed to be fixed, it was crying to be fixed.

I’ve started fixing it. Working on the land, and the stars, and the world before even looking at where cities would be and what the diplomacy of the land would be. Design the ground, then let the rest flow from there.

I’ve often tried to figure out what my lands one thing is. You know. That thing. That one thing that makes a game world different, makes it extraordinary. I still don’t know what that one thing is in my game world. I’ve been thinking about what it can be, I’ve also been thinking about the colour of my world and how it is going to work. I’ve been paging through Eberron, I’ve played a little in the Forgotten Realms, and I’ve mucked about in a generic setting too.

I’ve read a veritable bookcase of fantasy literature from Tolkein to Goodkind to Feist and Eddings. Even Rowlings. They all have something to add, and one of the biggest questions I’ve been facing at the moment, is just how backwards do I want my world to be? Having magic, both divine and arcane, as well as psionics, incarnum and anything else that I can get my grubby little mits on, becomes fair game – I comply with the rule – nothing’s broken, and it’s all allowed.

I want lightning rails and elemental flying ships, but I also want savages and knights. I want inter-planatary travel, inter-planar travel and hicks and crones. It’s a real mishmash, and I need to figure out where I am going to all put it. This will probably be the grounds where I throw stuff for grinding through and trying to figure out what I want and where.

So let’s start with some basics about the land; essentially what have I done on the re-write thus far? Well, for one, I’ve changed the name of the land. Originally the planet was called Rheum, and was essentially a shard of rock whereon the continents of Notholyn, Aetholyn, Rothheim and one other whose name escapes me, emerged from the running waters. It drifted through space, much like an inter stellar space craft, watched over by the multitudonous gods who ensured that the shard remained. The shard was the remnants of a planet that the gods had fought over and nearly destroyed.  The planet was called Rheum for the creator god Rhe, who has since lost his wisdom and wanders around Arhe (another name for the lands) as a six year old child doing pretty much anything that he damned well wants to (you tell a child with the power to unmake you what to do).

This will change. While I like the idea of Rhe running around without a conscience, so to speak, I don’t like his name, and I need to clarify how he got there. The names Arhe and Rheum simply just suck. They do not roll of the tongue pleasantly and sound dumb. Thus far I have settled on the name Kae’edra (Kay – Ed – Rah ) as the name of the planet, and I think that the planet will be whole – however, I may still decide to keep it at maybe a quarter size and have an Underworld that’s quiet different – but I doubt it.

I’ve made some minor documentation about Kae’edra and the moons and planets that are near it, and have also decided that Kae’edra will have binary stars as its suns, as well as about 7 moons. The reason for this is to create a nicely alien horizon and night sky. Further, I am considering the possibility of existing magics being able to take the players from Kae’edra the planet to her moons, possibly the existence of moon creatures and so on. But that is also very much up in the air.

The primary continent that we all played on was Aetholyn, and we began to refer to our game as Aetholyn as well. Aetholyn’s history was pretty much that millenia ago the Dei’um, being the children of the gods, fled their homeland and found this land. They named it Aetholyn, meaning Second Land. I’ll have to expand on that history some, but they were essentially chased by the Horc (Orc’s). A massive war erupted wiping out the Dei’um and pushing the Horc back into the sea. Humans and the other, lesser, races then began to thrive. But it needs re-writing and more clarification.

The primary kingdom in Aetholyn, however, is Kubuldar. A name that I like and is going to stick. I like the way it flows from the tongue. This land has many things going for it, and I’ll start discussing them next time.



One comment

  1. Crusafix · February 7, 2011

    Hi ya Jebb old Boy!

    long time no read your blog. sorries for that…

    I like the Name Kubuldar too. actually like that part about the planet been the remnants of a world almost destroyed by the gods…

    let me know how i can help

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