The land of Kubuldar is expansive, covering areas of swamp, plains, mountains and thick forests. Originally the land shared borders with Aethglid, the Dragon Plains, Pyran, The Spires, Haerek and The Great Southern Desert Kingdoms. That’s a lot of diplomatic shoveling. This needed clarification, change, more though, less adventure opportunities, as strange as that may sound.

After thinking some I’m working on Kubuldar being about as large as England, Portugal and France combined, which is pretty large, and then it would only share borders with Aethglid (this name will also change in due process), Pyran (possibly also facing a name change) and Haerek. The Spires would become a more distant land, as would the GDSK and the Bloodplains / Dragon Plains would probably drop off the face of Kae’edra.

Kubuldar is on the northern shores of Aetholyn, the Second Land, and it is one of the largest, if not the largest Kingdom in all of Aetholyn. It is ruled by King Paerdon Lyonne who is now in his golden years having brought the lands to peace several decades ago. His family line has been the ruling line for centuries, having kept it as such through both force and diplomacy.

Kubuldar has a climate very much like that of Europe. Wet and mostly miserable in the north, becoming progressively more Mediteranean as one heads South. They produce many wood products, having mining in the South, and also produce goods and farm produce towards the central regions.

But let’s talk about rulership for a moment. Paerdon rules the land. That’s fantastic, but why does he rule the land, and should rule be by force, as described earlier, or should it be a genial line of kings and queens. It’s a kingdom. But does it allow for queens? What about child rulers? Should there be a council? In the last campaign there was the Council of the Twelve, being representatives of the People, the Land and the Gods. They played a pivotal role in the storyline of the campaign having been goaded mostly by the Shroud, a conclave of evil priests. Now Aumran, the high priest and representative of the High God Pyre governs the portion that represents the Gods. But how much power should the council have?

How are the laws resolved? In both the capitol of the Kingdom as well as in the smaller sections. Having a God of Law (Pyre), and his wandering Judges, this could be a relatively simple matter – the priests of the justice god dispense the law and justice, but what if there are no priests available in a small hamlet? How do they resolve issues of law? Do we revert to Aldermans? But what if, during the expansion of the Kingdom (maybe it should be an empire?) the king decided to build chambers in each little village that magically told who spoke truth and who spoke lie. That helped them decide what was right or wrong? Would that not take away the necessity of man to make his own moral judgements?

How backward do I want these people to be?

How populated do I want the land to be? Should there be area’s where one can still go hunting mythical beasts? Or would they have been pushed back and away from all the lands wherein man (and elf, dwarf and whatever else) has claimed? How integrated should the land be? Is a dwarf welcome in a human city? Is a human despised as an opressor in an Ocrish city? What about the elves? Should I allow drow? What about other Forgotten Realms staples like Mindflayers (I like psionics in my campaign)?

What should the land itself look like? I know that the northern coast is mostly plains, a few bays and such, along with the occasional high hill and such. I also know that I want thick forests to the west, mountains to the east, and more mountains to the south. Which brings me onto borders – should they be natural borders, or should they be political ones? What about no-man’s lands? Should they also be there? Or would they be lands, that even though they are politically controlled by Kubuldar, are in truth frontiers where the people fend for themselves?

So let’s think about this: Kubuldar is a northern kingdom that shares borders with Pyran, a theocracy, and Haerek, an empire. It is physically composed of rolling plains and mountains in the north and east, with thick forests to the west and south. It treats all sentient peoples with the same respect and rights. All gods are revered in one way or the other, and anyone could become wealthy through adventure or enterprise.

I can’t help but feel that this place is the same as all the other worlds created by other game masters and roleplaying design teams. Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe I need to try and figure out what the people who inhabit this land would be like; what they would wear, eat, do, their goals, and their common life. Maybe I’m micro-managing too much and not leaving enough up to the individual game master – but then again this is my world, my thoughts.

Next time, I’ll mumble on about the Gods, Kubuldar weaponry and armour, and might even drop a little bit on some of the adventures and History of the land. I really need to find that pair of socks that I used to smoke*

Until then, I guess this is cheers – have a good weekend, I know that I am looking forward to mine, even though the beautiful Wife called and said that we need to take the Dog to the vet because he’s bwoken. Dammit.

* A standing joke by Wooze is that I must’ve been smoking my socks when I wrote some of the adventures and created some of the lands, because they are really different. And more than a little twisted.



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