Job Prospects

The company that I have been with for the last four years is closing down in February of 2007. I have learnt many things while at this company, some of them have been of a technical nature, many more have been of the politics and beauracracy that exists and permeates the work place. I have seen unions and their underhanded dealings, the times that they have been working for themselves, and I have seen them show force in order to ensure that the employee gets what they deserve.

I have observed disciplinary meetings where one walks away with a dirty feeling, and the realisation that the company doesn’t feel anything for the emloyee, and I have seen the company go beyond the call of duty to ensure that a person is looked after when things have changed suddenly.

Mostly, however, I feel that I have wasted two of the last four years of my life in a company that was determined not to go anywhere. I feel that the company lacked the desire to progress forward, but, I do not think that it was the management of the company here in Africa as much as it was the deciding figureheads over in Germany that struck the death knell for this company.

My assistant network administrator was all smiles last week when I went for a job interview. He said to me that Karma exists, whether we like the idea or not, and that the wheel had turned and my turn had come up. I guess that he means that he feels that I am a nice enough bloke and deserve a break. I am glad that I have made an impression on him such that he thinks I am deserving of the oppertunity that has presented itself. I guess that sometimes I refuse to have faith in my own abilities, but now is the time for me to stand up and let out a well-deserved “W00h00!!!”

I’ve been aproached by a company that is busy building a factory here in East London to take over the IT department. At first I thought it would be a minor position, but it appears that it is going to be much more than that. I don’t want to jump the gun just yet, but I’m excited. When I get excited, I want to shout out things. Let’s just say that I am being offered an IT Manager position. Let’s also just say that I am the first IT employee of the company – nationally.

It looks like this is going to be the start of many, many good things. Here’s hoping. I’m looking forward to working really hard for a change, and taking this particular bull by the horns.

Details will follow by the end of the week. On the downside, it does mean no move to Pretoria – yet.


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  1. mook · November 29, 2006

    well done lad

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