Kae’edra – Gods

The original layout of Aetholyn had a lot of deities. There were gods for almost everything, but they were all related, a pantheonic family of gods if you would. They mostly came from the single creator god Rhe, and eventually travelled down the line until the gods started raising mortals to positions of godhood and then eventually petered out until some of the gods could not raise mortals to godhood.

Needless to say, there were a lot of gods.

The Creator God

Originally the creator god, named Rhe, stepped from the Nothing, a primordial force, and wept, being alone. His weepings eroded the Nothing creating Light and Dark, two other primordial forces. Seeing the break of Light and Dark, Rhe took some of his robe, tore it, and created Rheum, the world. Upon this world he planted his hair, creating treas and meadows, and his tears created the oceans and rivers. Happy with His work, he slept.

Rhe is the creator god in the original layout of Aetholyn. He is described as a Zeus-like figure of incomprehensible power. Long flowing grey beard and hair, muscular, and huge. Stern-faced -“I am an almighty God” – god-like visage.

Later in the development of the world and through more smoking of socks, he eventualyl developed into a being that used to literally grasp the world in one hand while he swung it about the sun (sorta a cross between Atlas and heaven-alone knows what). Eventually, however another creator god entered into the picture: The Lords of Dragons. Specifically one of these Lords, Imstar, fought with Rhe over the creation of the world, and managed to steal Rhe’s wisdom, such that he was reduced to the form of a small, young boy, and travelled the land, completely powerful, yet nothing more than a child.

In Kae’edra I would like to build on this a bit. My vision has a place for the creator god being child-like, and that his followers are constantly searching for him. In doing so, however, they have located many children that they laud to be the creator god, and they elevate these children to positions of godhood.

As such, I would have several cults that has children between the ages of 6 and 10 that are decorated in silver and gold, placed upon gilded thrones, and worshipped as the living manifestation of Rhe, the creator god.

This also provides the oppertunity for charlatans, general corruption, as well as a place for doppelganger sorcerer / clerics to pretend to be Rhe, the creator god, and create miracles and the like. This could provide many adventure oppertunities as players try to uncover the real god, and reveal the charlatans for what they are. Or perhaps they are asked by a concerned parent to find their missing child, only to learn that a Cult of Rhe has kidnapped the child and worship the child as god.

The real Rhe, however, is not as indiscriminate as your average six year old child. Sure, he is prone to temper tantrums and the like, but mostly he just wants to play. He’s mostly benevolent if not a loving god. He has a tendancy to show up when cataclysmic things are about to happen.

In a previous adventure, my players where on a mission to regain a soulstone. This stone, the Heartstone, was kept by a celestial dragon and the players had to defeat it in order to gain the stone. During the battle, one of the players was killed, another was made the host for the soulstone, and the fallen angel (long story) was about ready to commit sewerage pipe because he had to kill a creature of his master, Rhe. At this point Rhe appeared riding Hamael, the Silver Steed, which is a dragon of enourmous proportions. He ressurected the fallen player and gave the fallen angel a vision. He was in all ways, however, child-like.

I then left a standing threat that I would make the fallen angel tend to the child-god. Unfortunately players moved away and the DM (me) dried up a bit (blerrie-writers block). But hopefully we’ll be able to continue at some stage.

So let’s have a critical look at Rhe. The name doesn’t gel, it doesn’t flow, and it doesn’t make sense. How do you pronounce it? Is it Reee or is it Ra – Hee? Or is it R-eh. What are his titles? Does he grant spells? Does he intervine in the lives of mortals? Who worships him, who doesn’t worship him?

I’ve been thinking of taking the stance that gods do not grant clerical spells directly, but instead it is their presence that provides the power for spells, and that clerics tend to laud one diety or the other when they call for the spells. But I’ll need to think and work on that a bit more.

Thus far, as time draws short, I have decided on the following:

The creator god appears as a male child. He travells the lands of Kae’edra and often appears to people, who recognise him by his silver skin and glowing white hair and pale blue eyes that literally burn with power. Often he is in the company of a dragon that acts as his steed. At other times he is accompanied by a warrior who wears dark armour and long robes and refers to himself as Azael, the Fallen.

There are cults dedicated to the creator god that often select children from nearby communities and then paint them silver, dye their hair white, and decorate them with gold and jewels, cast powerful spells over them, and worship them as manifestations of their god.

There is at least one powerful doppelganger that has been masquerading as the true creator god for many years. He has built up a powerful following and is constantly seeking ways to increase his powers. The doppleganger is probably evil to boot, and may become a primary antagonist later in some stories.

I think that’s about it for the creator god. I need to come up with a name and some title. An honorific per se.

Next time, I will speak about the opposite of creation – death, the Lady of the Dark Pools – Arehen, the goddess of Death.


One comment

  1. Crusafix · February 7, 2011

    nice stuff. I also liked the idea of Rhe becoming a child.

    BTW who is the ‘sun god’

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