Gauteng versus the Eastern Cape

As I have posted before I have started a new job. New is not quite the right word to describe it though, as the building is new, the people new, the furniture, everything, and half of it is still to come. Regardless, this does mean that I have been tasked with specifying and quoting on PABX systems as well as Multifunction Document Stations. Here is where I thought I’d post something.

Two weeks ago I got a series of quotes together from a series of local companies, and I was happy with the diligence of some of the companies with their promises that I would recieve the tenders by the next day or within a couple of days. And I did get them, although the tardiest of the lot took some 3 days to get it (not counting the weekend).

Today I followed up on a number given to me by the MD to get yet another quote on the MDS. Needless, the number is for a company in the Gauteng. Normally I wouldn’t like to follow this as I would prefer a local supply agent (it’s easier to scream at someone when they just down the road as opposed to a thousand clicks away when it breaks).

This fellow will quote me on both a PABX and a MDS. And ensure that I have the quote within the hour.

3 Days verus 1 hour.

No wonder things get done in Gauteng and our people here in the EC can’t explain where the budgets gone…


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