How to create a virtual machine for linux.

I have decided that I need to get my programming skills and web development skills back up to scratch. In the new position that I have, one of the tasks that will be required of me is to be able to draw reports from the finance system and deliver them in a web based format.

I have decided to use C# for this purpose as well as PHP and possibly find some reason to squeeze MySQL into the mix as well as using Apache for a web server. As I was feeling particularily geeky, I decided to install a linux distro as well.

Here is my step by step on how to create a virtual machine for a linux distro using VMWare.

1.) Install VMWare

2.) Create a new Virtual Workstation

3.) Select the Operating System of your choice (in this case Other Linux as I will be installing Fedora Core)

4.) Select a drive size (10GB)

5.) Select Bridged Networking

6.) Swear profusely as you realise that you’ve left the Fedora Core disk at home.


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