Roleplaying Projects

I have a number of roleplaying projects on my plate quite suddenly.

considering that Azriel has come back to the Klein-dorpie by die sea and the fact that Keys might also be making a trip back home, it’s entirely likely that I will need to push forward on my Kae’edra game world such as to continue the development of the God War Saga. I know that Wooze and SPF would be keen, and Spiderbite would be keen on getting involved in the campaign as well.

Then there’s also the Jake-z and Azriel adventure that I was handling called The Brotherhood of the Wolf, which used modified d20 Dungeons and Dragons (R) rulesets from Unearthed Arcana to simulate an 18th centuary france with werewolves, limited magic and other monstrosities. Both players have shown great interest in getting that back up and running so I should take a serious look into that.

Killashandra over at has also asked me to write a module for UpCon (I think). I’ve come up with a silly story line, but I need to commit it to paper, work out the NPC’s and the flow as well. Then put it into the correct Con format (I got an earful the last time about the 50 page document that I dropped on them). Azriel has also said that he’ll be happy to post some help for me on that one. The document is due in about four weeks.

So suddenly my roleplaying plate is full. Not having a working PC at home is causing all kidns of havoc with this regard though. Luckily for me my mate Woozle is offering up a 400W for sacrifice, so I’ll be collecting that this weekend, as well as a lappie for Az.

Looking promising.


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