Rough Week

Well hell, it’s been a rough week. There’s still a lot that needs to be done, so next week isn’t going to be a load of fun. I’m confident, however, that I’m going to get stuff done. There are proposals to be done, equipment to be ordered, planifications to be made. It’s hectic as hell, but should be an experience.

This week has proved itself a learning curve of note. It’s strange trying to get back into the work grove. I spent the last few months at my previous company getting seriously lazy. I was the network administrator of a working environment that was in the process of shutting down. Couple that with a 4Mbit ADSL connection, and you can pretty much imagine what I spent most of my time doing.

The new place has nothing, and it’s up to me to ensure that we’ve got something come the 2nd of April. It’s been a ludicrous amount of gnashing of teeth thus far. I wouldn’t have thought it were possible for so many hardware units to fail, as many service providers to cock up, and for as many software applications to go completely tits up. Wow. What a learning experience.

But what has been interesting for me is the complete lack of technical work that I have done so far. Almost everything I have done has been paperwork, meetings and arguing with the other guy ™. I have consultants now who come and do the work for me. It’s odd. Once everything is up and running I think I’ll take the time to get more focused on the hardware aspects of what’s about here – as well as find the time to spend learning C#, PHP and MySQL.

One of the up side of it I now have a linux server acting as a dhcp, router, file server and fire wall. Only real problem though is that it’s a freaking celeron with half a gig of ram and only 80GB of drive space, none of which is mirrored, striped, or raided in any way. No fault tolerance. I’ll have to ensure that my backup stratergy is real good up until such a time as the company decides to spring for a server. I put it in the budget, so hopefully they’ll say aye 😉

These poor bastard networking blokes have been here for about three hours. They’re dripping in sweat and covered in dust. Ah well, we’ve all been there who’re in the techie business I suppose. It looks like I’m finally leaving that behind and heading over to the collar and tie, decision making side – y’know, the side where I’m the box who sits in his comfortable office screaming and shouting at you telling you that you do not know how to do your job. Ah well.

The weekend is almost upon us, it’s dvd’s and beer this evening with my wife and Az, we’re celebrating CB’s 2nd Un-Birthday today and tomorrow. Should be loads of fun. She’s quite stoked – the Manson DVD I ordered from Musica finally arrived, my loot parcel with another Manson DVD also arrived, and hopefully her loot parcel is waiting for her at the po and if the blerrie florsit will only deliver the flowers I ordered it will be the perfect 4 outta 4 – and the weekend will be good!

Now I just need to worry about the loot order I tried to place as the diginet line dropped, for the fifth time today. I’ve eithe ordered something, or my credit card details are now floating around in internet-space somewhere.

Hope everyone out there has a good weekend – I’m hoping that mine is real fine!


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