The PS3 in South Africa

Sony’s PlayStation 3I remember speaking to Mookity about the PlayStation 3 and the then sheer jaw dropping technology that was scheduled to be included into what was to be the revolution of the gaming machine.

The PS3 was heavily delayed though, and the X-Box 360 has had a lot of time to plant its roots into the local gaming market. Of what I have seen thus far I must say that I am suitably impressed by the X-box 360, even though I do not own one.

The PlayStation 3 seems, to me, to be some kind of bastard orphan child or something recently. It’s very much a black sheep in my eyes, despite the fact that it has perhaps the greatest brand power on the market.

I’ve heard the sales for the unit across the world, however, have been less than expected, which really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to anyone. It took too long to get to the market, the games list is adequate but the unit is too highly priced.

Incredible Connection and Take2 are two online retailers that have the unit available on pre-order for R 6,299 for the premium model. That’s a hell of a price to pay for a gaming console, especially since you can get the premium X-Box 360 unit for a lot less than that.

Maybe the PS3 will still take the market by storm and impress the hell out of everyone. Personally I feel that its time has come and gone without ever actually getting here. I still think I would rather just upgrade my PC.



  1. mook · February 28, 2007

    Mesa remember lookity at the demo videos of the PS3 and reading bout the cell chip and thought the tech was stunning

    But lately due to Sony’s abhorrent handling of its customers, their appalling mismanagement and arrogance, mesa not cared bout gettity one right now. Mesa wait till price is less then half then might think about it, at that point the programmers should have gotten up to speed for creating on this box

    Oh and Sony
    1. We do object to being the last to get the launch and we do mind waiting
    2. We won’t buy it just because your name is on it
    3. We do object to your failings in ensuring PS2 compatability
    4. The PS3 can be compared to the Wii and the Wii is winning, easily!

    Always thought Japanese companies forced public apologies from upper management when they make screw ups, well… Mesa want my apology

    Then fix your PS3 disaster

  2. jebbx · February 28, 2007

    *rolls on the floor sniggering*

    Too true my old friend, too true. The PS3 is getting whipped on quite a few online webcomics as well. Penny Arcade actually had one about the PS3’s sitting on the shelves in some of the consumer marketplaces.

    At this point in time I would purchase an X-Box 360 over a PS3. The Wii, while technologically impressive and quite addictive by the reviews that I have read, and having a mastership of customer service, just does not appeal to me.

    I really do hope that Sony fixes their messups.

  3. mook · February 28, 2007

    yep and mesa so wanted ps3 too

    damn you sony

    *whackity sony with stick*
    *whackity* *whackity* *whackity*

    ? ڨ.O ??!
    and who you calling old??!!!
    *whackity jeb with stick*
    *whackity* *whackity* *whackity*

    grrr frothity

  4. Steven · April 3, 2007

    Well on the upside, WHEN Sony removes the Infinity chip from the PS3 the price will drop. Something else that will drop because of this is its compatibility with PS1 and PS2 games. In retrospect what is the point then of the PS3 if you can’t play the old stuff.

    Mook, *whackity* *whackity* *whackity*, you can’t really compare the PS3 to a Wii. The Wii is more of a TV peripheral than a console. Its cute, it does stuff but it ain’t no console.

  5. mook · April 4, 2007

    the Wii will have 1 purpose:

    makity me laugh as jeb tries to wakity Raymans wabbid wabbids
    not for serious use

    as for the PS3 not being able to play PS2 games because of dropping a chip for price purposes… (depending on your region of course)

    Sony, my apology, and it had better be good

  6. Jennifer · June 17, 2007

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