I’m trying hard to write every day, and it’s going slowly. Yesterday I had CB mail me five themes, as in a colour, an object, a place, weather and atmosphere, and then would write something about it.

Today I decided to try writing some dialogue. I wrote some, it sucks, but here it is anyway. It’s based off of my Kae’edra game world and features Azael, Aaron and Victoria, three of the iconic characters of the game world.

“The laws of the flaming god are quite straight forward in this matter, my lord Judge.” Varthius said as he stood before the roaring hearth fire. Thick coils of black smoke filtered through the top of the domed Hearth-home. Seated at a place of respect sat a warrior clad in black plate mail with gold filigree upon it. A thick blue cloak draped itself over the arm rests of the wooden chair. Next to him a shield with the emblem of Karsas, god of the fires, god of law, rested against the chair, a bastard sword with a black and gold hilt resting next to it.
The warrior raised an eyebrow at the opening comments of the Alderman of this small village. The Alderman stood with his thumbs hooked into his waistcoat pockets, a pair of wire-rimmed glasses sat on the bridge of his nose, and his rapidly vanishing hair was kept long at the back. He had a weak jaw. Rheumy eyes. A paunch. His clothes were fresh pressed and his shoes shone, but his hands looked soft and weak. Others did his work for him. Aaron decided he didn’t like this man. He was full of pomp and show, and little care.
“Jonas was found red handed in the fields of my cattle. Obviously he was trying to steal an ox, or a sheep, or.. er.. Something!” said Varthius, spittle flying from his lips as he spoke. He wiped his mouth with a frilly handkerchief.
“Did you see him actually stealing the ox? Or the sheep? Or – “Aaron paused, his green steely eyes staring intently at Varthius, “anything?”
“Well – no, I didn’t see him actually steal anything, but –“
“But nothing!” Roared Aaron coming to his feet, a fist clenched at his side. “You saw this man on your land, that is all! Yet you drag him before me to deliver justice for theft? You are a fool Alderman.”
“You can’t – “
“I can, and do!” bellowed Aaron.
Victoria looked surprised, but only for a moment before her usual stony façade returned to her face. She had never seen Aaron so angry over something so petty. Usually this sort of matter was dealt with quickly, quietly and righteously. The many days of long roads and endless battle against evil must be getting to him, she thought idly.
“My lord Judge,” whimpered Varthius, “I am an alderman, you cannot speak to me like th-this.”
“I should show you respect? Is that what you want from me?” spat Aaron through clenched teeth.
“At least decency my lord.”
“And what did you show this farmer; whose hands show that he works the earth? Mercy? Decency? Compassion? Or did you only think of your own gut and greed?” Aaron stuck his index finger into the alderman’s paunchy stomach.
“But my –“
“Enough! I see no reason to convict this poor man of anything. He did not steal your livestock. I will however find out who has been responsible for it. And I shall not leave here until I have done so.” Aaron said as he turned away from the alderman and settled back into his chair, a weary hand coming to cover tired eyes.
“Leave me.”
“We th-thank – “
“Leave me!” Aaron shouted.
The alderman swallowed the remains of his words and turned and left quickly. Several of the other villagers stood for a moment and then also hustled out, leaving Jonas tied to the dock. Jonas looked up at Aaron for the first time since he had entered almost an hour ago.
“I thank you my lord Judge, but how did you determine my innocence?” Jonas said quietly.
“I sensed no evil about you, I could see the shame that this brought to you, and I heard no lie in your voice when you spoke of your journey there, with the exception of your reason.” Aaron said from behind his hand.
Jonas looked down again and Aaron stood up and walked over to him. His armour made little sound, it fitted him perfectly.
“When you said that you had entered the alderman’s lands looking for truffles, your voice changed colour.”
“Colour my lord?” said Jonas looking up at Aaron.
“The fire god provides his most devout with the ability to distinguish lies from truth. Your voice was white and pure, but your reason caused it to tumble from your lips black and red. You lied.”
Jonas’ cheeks reddened and he looked away again. Tears welled in his eyes.
“I cannot speak of it my lord, I cannot betray her.”
“You already have with just that statement. I know that there is a female with whom you have met, or at least, who you are trying to protect.”
“She calls herself Giddia.” said a soft voice from the shadows. Azael stepped form the darkness and Jonas sunk to his knees as a powerful aura of malice washed over him. Even Aaron seemed to bristle at the appearance of the fallen angel.
“How could you know?” whimpered Jonas from the floor.
“Your mind speaks even when your lips falter.” Replied Azael, then smiled his vicious smile, “And your daughter told me everything.”
“What did you do to her!” cried Jonas from the heap that he was in on the floor.
“Nothing, save play with her;” replied Azael, “something that she misses most dearly from her father Jonas.”
“I am a being of many places Jonas, but even I can see the longing in your daughter’s eyes for her father.” Azael whispered as he squatted down before Jonas, “I spoke with her, entered her dreams and desires and gave her what she wished for most deeply – you. Her mind spilled the horrors that you mutter at night into my mind, and I learnt everything of the hag Giddia.
“She is not your love, nor are you her protector Jonas, she is a being of evil, and you have succumbed to her spells and charms like any other mortal. There is no shame on you for this, you are only a man.”
“A hag?” asked Victoria from the wall where she still leant.
Azael did not take his eyes off of Jonas, “Yes, a feral one by the sound of it. She has been using poor Jonas here as a pawn, among… other thing.”
“Don’t harm her.” said Jonas.
“We must force her from this land.” said Aaron.
“No! You mustn’t harm her!” shouted Jonas as he pulled on his cords trying to break free.
“Hush spirit.” Azael reached out an un-gloved hand and touched Jonas’ forehead. There was a soft pulse of blue-white light and Jonas collapsed asleep.
“Do you think the hag is responsible for the missing livestock?” asked Aaron.
Azael watched Jonas intently, “No.” he said eventually, “But I’m sure her ogre minions are.”


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  1. Joel · March 1, 2007

    Nicely written…Keep it up.

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