Brotherhood of the Wolf

I’ve stopped roleplaying for a while so that I can catch up on some of the writing and designing that I need to do for my roleplaying, if that makes any sense. Starting, probably, sometime in June / July, I will be running a small game of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 heavily modified with some of the optional rules from Unearthed Arcana.

A few years back I ran this particulat game with two players; Azael and Jake-z. They’ve both expressed interest in playing this game again, and this time around I would like to be a touch more prepared. As such, I need to focus some on the design aspects of the game.

Azael has expressed interest in steampunk. Admittedly I have never played in a steampunk-themed game before, but I’m sure with a little research I could probably do so. The original specification for the BotW game was France in the 18th century, around the turn of the century in fact.

After doing some research, I am considering changing that to the mid-1600’s, making it the 17th century, specifically the time of Cardinal Richlieu. He was such a statesman as it was!

The idea’s that are floating through my mongrel head vary – but essentially what I think I will build the basis of the campaign on is the idea that Richlieu wants to take over Europe, and that the two player characters will be eithe rinstrumental in achieving that goal, or become enemies of the state, and perhaps turn to working for the Pope, or England. It should be interesting either way.

I’ll try and keep the tone and setting relatively accurate to the events that happened during that time, but I will also throw in some supernatural things as I want the setting to be somewhat horror-like as well. And then there will be the steampunk, which I have no idea how to bring in as of yet!

Regardless, it sounds like fun, and I’ll try to ensure that updates get posted here.


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