070315 mars radar 01

Mars is our fiery red neighbour, so to speak, in the glory that is our universe. It’s an amazing thing when you sit down and take a moment to cognitively think about that planet. It’s so far away, we know so little about it, and there’s so many utterly awesome things about it, especially when you couple in over-active imaginations and roleplaying.

This article from shows some photgraphic evidence that scientists have discovered enough pure water ice below Mars’ south pole to cover the entire planet in ten metres of water! Bloody hell, that’s quite a bit of it, but they also say that there is evidence that Mars was covered in ten times or even one hundred times that much water.

“There’s evidence that about 10 times or maybe even 100 times that much water has flowed across the surface of Mars to carve the various channels, the outflow valleys and other features we see in the images and topography data,” Plaut told actually has a number of facinating articles about Mars. And it really is quite an amazing planet when you take the time to read about it. The theory appears to be that Mars was once covered in water, and that there was liquid, either water or liquid carbon dioxide flowing over the surface and a number of natural plumming ravines and crevases. It’s quite stunning.

I think I need to tell the Mookity about this site.


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